Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj gemstone derives its power from the planet of Jupiter. The lemon yellow color of the Sapphire makes it unique and colorful. In the world of navratnas, it is known to bring prosperity to the owner, making it highly valuable for those who need wealth, fame, honour, health and success. This auspicious stone brings peace to your family and represents power at the highest form. It is said to be most effective when worn on a Thursday and is said to be helpful with married woman and their families. Even for students that want to focus on their studies and Excel in it, the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone wonder to the wearer and brings about a new sense of knowledge in them. In every female’ shoroscope, the Yellow Sapphire gemstone represents the joys of marriage and hence is also very auspicious if worn as a marriage or engagement ring. Buy Yellow Sapphire, pukhraj Gemstone online at AIA Gems and Jewellers.

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