White coral or Shwet Praval

Benefits of White coral or Shwet Praval:
White coral is also called as safed moonga it is the white variant of red coral gemstone and has the similar origin having white and shiny appearance and comes under the category of Uparatna. It is born in the sea from the polyps of corals slightly different from the polyps of red coral. It represents Mangal grah and it can be worn by the individuals who have the mangal grah at wrong position or very weak in the astral birth cart. It is considered to have many benefits on the individual like giving good conversational abilities and hence improving one’s communication with others. Like with people having lots of stage fear and who don’t openly communicate their joy or pain. It makes one very expressive and out spoken and inhesitantly putting his or her’s point of view in discussion and group talk or any debate. Giving that competitive edge over others and improves memory and gives more stability by calming one’s brain.

It improves one’s state of mind from gloom and laziness and shows the way out from this inertia and stops any further procrastination on important matters in life. It is the most suggestible gemstone for children who are very poor in studies with poor cognitive skills and low interest in studies. White coral has the power to concentrates the energy of the Mangal grah and passes that energy into the body of the individual making him more proactive even in the most mundane and routine tasks. It helps the individual to come out of this fix and barriers laid within. It also reduces suicidal tendencies and prevents one from Nervousness and Anxiety and calms individuals mind by changing his perspective. It makes the individual more adaptable.

Its captivating and immaculate look gives a pleasing behavior and stikes a balance in the personality of the individual and the way he presents to his colleague, family and friends. He will become a cynosure in his social circle leaving a positive impression on the female sex. It brings out the regenerative power and helps rebuild one’s confidence and shows total revival. It is used in many Ayurvedic preparations along with herbs to cure jaundice and blood related diseases and strengthens the immunity of the user. It works wonders on children who have a very slow metabolism and improve in help increase their appetite and boost their metabolism.

In Medical astrology it has a prominent position as a healer of Blood related disorders and keeps you away from infections and allergies by strengthening the immune system. It has been proven many a times to work on severe skin related diseases like Psoriasis and leucoderma and other pigmentation and skin related diseases. In females it is said to have a lot of effect on the pregnant women, particularly by reducing the hours spent in the labor room and helps have an easy delivery. So, most women are suggested to wear it for a successful C-section and speedy recovery through the postoperative period. It also benefits the persons having severe back pain.

All in all it is a reviving and protective gemstone which has many positive effects and divinity attributed to the wearer and it’s a sort of the health and wellness mantra for strengthening the regenerative qualities and many other associated health benefits. One can harness its full benefits by consulting experienced Gemologist who do thorough analysis of the astral chart and prescribe the right number of carrots’ and the finger or the metal to be worn with. AiA gemologist Dr. Nisar Hussain is one of the best to consult for this kind of advice and I would prefer you to go to www.aiagemstones.com for more information and explore their services for good results.