Choose the right birthstone that suits you

Solve any problem

Astrological solutions to problems

A suitable gem stone can change your life and tend to your problems. The power of gemstones can increase your money and double it by attracting Prosperity and wealth. It can also solve the problems between a husband and wife, as well as give you the right life partner.

The Solution through gemstones for the following problems are:


The following gemstones can bring abundance of prosperity and wealth in one’s life-

  1. Green Jade– This stone has been famous from attracting prosperity since the ancient times. It protects your current finances and leads you towards more incoming wealth.
  2. Pyrite– the golden crystal gemstone helps those who are slagging behind in their work become more successful in it.
  3. Citrine– citrine is widely known as the gem of abundance. Whatever you put your time into; citrine gives you a result of that.
  4. Lodestone– as it is a magnetic stone; it helps you attract luck and money towards yourself.
  5. Tiger’s eye– by giving you an exceptional boost in attitude and success, the tiger’s eye stone brings you wealth.


Supercharge your existing business with these gemstones-

  1. Green aventurine– This is the stone of opportunity, those that are going to take a major decision can carry this stone and have the best luck. Those who want to let go of the past and create a new future can opt for this stone.
  2. Sun stone– the abundant and joyful sun stone brings attentiveness and goal orientation to those who are procrastinators. It brings you what you need and gives you what you desire.
  3. Garnet– It is a stone of intensifying feelings, for those who lack creativity the garnet stone brings creative power to them. It brings profits and prevents losses in business.
  4. Tiger’s eye– For those who find it difficult to immediately assess a situation, the tiger’s eye unlocks that part of your brain. It helps you save money financially.


Marital bliss can be achieved astrologically with the following gemstones-

  1. Rose quartz– Rose quartz represents love and beauty like no other gemstone. For those finding difficulties in their marriage, the stone helps them stay true to each other and find passion and unconditional love. For those who have not found love, this stone helps them attract it.
  2. Moonstone- For those who have lost passion in their relationship this stone brings it back. It helps them overcome all problems of disagreement as it is the symbol of romance.
  3. Sapphire- This stone helps every couple overcome the ups and downs of their relationship; it fills couples with positivity and helps them remain calm at all times.
  4. Rhodonite– Rhodonite is also known as the savior stone, it encourages the relationship’s quality of empathy and forgiveness. It balances yin and yang.
  5. Lapis lazuli- The gemstone helps you connect with your loved one from this birth. It helps couples maintain the same live and attraction they have had since the beginning. This stone is a boon for those who want to have an arranged marriage.