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Shank Gemstone

Goldstone, Sun Sitara or shank gemstone, derives its powers from the ruling planet of the sun. The Sun-Sitara gemstone is reddish brown, having tiny crystals of metallic copper. The wearer of this gem is sure to have good health and well being as the shank gem stone protects one’s body and gives positive energy. It circulates blood flow, strengthens the bones and circulatory system. The shank gemstone represents power and vitality, energy, learning and communication also bring positive effects. It is the ideal stone for ambitions and success which brings about abundance in learning. It is great for scientists as it improves wisdom and love for science. As this stone is mixed with copper, very few people find it which makes it a unique find. Buy Shank gemstone in its most natural form and increase your blood flow with AIA Gems and Jewellers.

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