Red Coral Gemstone

The red coral gemstone, also known as moonga Gemstone derives its power from its ruling planet of Mars also known as Mangal. The gem stone is made up of Calcium Carbonate and is a blood red coloured stone. It is one of the gem stones that is the most demanded as it brings positive changes in every sphere of one’s life. Mars is known as the planet of energy, vitality and ambition and the red coral gem stone brings this to its wearer. As Mars is the god of warfare, wearing a red coral gem helps one overcome obstacles without any fear. The red coral helps those who have manglik Sasha and those couples who have trouble in their marital life. The gemstone has amazing healing effects, makes a positive effect on the mental health of the wearer and imparts confidence and helps overcome lethargy. Buy Red coral Gemstone online from AIA Gems and Jewellers trusted online store.

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