Opal Gemstone

The Opal gemstone, also called as Opal, derives its power from its ruling planets of Mars and Venus. It comes in the Colors of White, Pink, Blue, and Green and is to be worn in silver or gold. The Opal Gemstone changes its Colors according to the health of the wearer, even with the slightest change it turns grey. The Opal gemstone opens the third eye of the wearer and connects his spirit with the heavenly bodies that make the body and mind reach full harmony. It provides relaxation and relieves tension. The gem enhances the power and passion of love, enhancing care, love and affection in two people. It provides satisfaction and serenity as well as calm and peace. If the colour of the stone turns yellow, it is said that the wearer has a bad ailment and is extremely sick. The Opal Gemstone helps in neurostability and improvements in the brain. Buy Opal gemstone at AIA Gems and Jewellers.

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