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Mercury – Emerald

Benefits of Emerald or Panna

Emerald or the green stone is one of the most tantalizing and eye catching gemstone of the gemstone family. It is a fascination from time immemorial to the humans for its immaculate and lustrous grace and virtues it beholds within. It is natively called Panna in the local language and one among the three top gems the Rubies Sapphires and Emerald. It is rarely available gem extracted from the earth’s crust. Emerald holds high in the gemstone category for it being the energizer from the Buddha graha the youngest planet of the planets. It imbibes love to the self and a boost in self-esteem and makes one realize the best friend within. It without any recrimination liberates ones heart held emotions and misconception about the you within. It takes one through a inward journey and makes you appreciate the person and the potential within and the inner purpose and calling.

In one word it introduces one to him or her and shows you the power of self love and the turns open the abundance blocks within by removing all question marks and shows you the path to success by a day to day incremental understanding of your energies of positivity leaving alone the negatives to the oblivion. Emerald is a superior cleanser and harmonizer of the heart and mind and makes you hear talk and do from the Heart with love and compassion.

It works miracles on people suffering from nervousness, anxiety and neurological health issues. It corrects the heart to mind axis and sooths and calms-up all ups and downs in the mood. It keeps the mind in balance and rationalizes the firing of the neurons. It has tremendous potential to improve one’s speech and stammering issues. It improves bonding and relationships with the loved ones. When worn by students it improves the concentration and grasping abilities which are must in this competitive arena seeing them come up with best results. It does all this by shining the brilliant side hidden within the wearer hence making it synonymous with the buddhi or the Buddha graha. It’s regularly suggested to be worn by the public figures like Doctors, Lawyers and the artistic bent of people as it has properties to make you look younger. That’s what artist need all about.

Emerald has huge health benefits in the store for all, it works on the stomach and acidity related ailments and Blood related diseases and is a powerful antagonist to viral and diseases of infectious causes. It has a protective effect on the naadi vyavastha or the circulatory system. Its prescribed and used in many ayurvedic formulations as bhasma and has a vedic proof written in the scriptures that women wearing it during pregnancy have chances to give birth to brilliant and intelligent babies, its not for all pregnant ladies as each have a different astral planetary positions. So caution is advised and should only be worn under the guidance of experienced Jothisya Vidhvan.

For all the above said benefits it can be worn as a pendent or a ring under the guidance of experienced Gemologist and horoscope specialists who can aptly tell the requirement according to the planetary positions and the size or number of carrots suitable for superior results. In this regard you can have a consultation to AiA Gemstone family with more 25 years of excellence in this field. So I would personally recommend you a visit to and have a look at the stellar services they provide.