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Mars – Red Coral

Benefits of Red Coral

Red coral is popularly known as the Moonga or the Praval its is one of the prominent nine precious navaratnas and it the recommended stone for the planet Mars or the mangal (Angarak) grah. Mangal or Angarak grah is the son of the earth according to the Indian mythology andhe was born while God Vishnu saved the earth from the destruction. Hence he emanated from the earth surface in that process and is now being used to shield the mankind from the negative forces of the Evil. Upon wearing he boosts the energy of the planet Mangal grah when in good position in the astral chart and controls the negative effects of mangal when in conjunction with rahu or kethu grah or any other negative planet of individual depending upon the planetary positions.

This planet embodies the characteristics like vigor, vitality and ambitiousness it drives you towards the goal by increasing your focus and presence of mind. It gives the courage and confidence one requires to face the obstacle in life leaving fear and nervousness behind and take active steps towards the goal.It is one stone when worn makes you in becoming a warrior sort of thing making you bold and facing any kind of situation and sorting out head on. It brings the fighter in you and gives victory when you are facing your enemy or adversaries. It is the symbol of strength and valor.

Red coral is in the colour of red or the colour of the Mooladhar chakr which is one of the foundation chakra of the body. It helps in activating this chakra and makes you strong and boosts the energy of the aura around you. It radiates energy and positive vibes which makes you attractive and does magic by improving your skin and complexion oozing with vigor and vitality because it is connected with your blood skin and the physical you.

It is very helpful for individuals in the combat forces like the army or the police man or the people in chemical or the weapon industry. It is also been basically for the professions like Doctors and and especially Surgeons, scientist and the guardians of the state. It is a powerful protector from physical damage for recovery of cuts, wounds burns and injuries.

The gem Red coral vows a lot on the financial matters of individuals. When on wearing helps bring hope and builds the capacity to repay loans and debts of any kind. It qualifies one who is taking a big work on contract and removes the hurdle in getting the work done, say like a business man or even a budding entrepreneur. It improves one’s patience and helps to withstand to the rigors of the world.

It is best when worn on the anamika of the right hand for the male and the little finger of the female for better blood count, but it all depends on the individual preference and the best practices advised by the master star gazer or the gemologist you consult. It is best to be worn under proper guidance and supervision of your Horoscope advisor, if not this way it can show little to severe destructive effects on the wearer as you are dealing with the fiery Mars or the Mangal. If I would take one I would prefer a trusted gemologist like Dr. Nisar Hussain @AiAgemstone and jewellery for accurate prediction and best gem advice. You can reach them at for appointment and personal consultation.