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Lapiz Gemstone

Lapiz Gemstone is generally the short term for the gem stone lapis lazuli and is also known as rajpatta, it derives its power from the planet of Saturn. The Gems Colors is Blue, mottled with white calcite and brassy pyrite with a light blue streak. The lapis lazuli gem stone brings about truth and confidence in people. It gives you strong opinions and clarity about decisions to make. It is well known to develop psychic abilities and connecting your spirit to your body. It brings about good judgment, and attracts success. The stone is beautiful to look at and its powers are immense. For those who love to sing or are in the musical field, lapis lazuli is highly beneficial to the throat, larynx and vocal chords, the gem is also good for executives, journalists and psychologists. Buy Lapis Gemstone online from AIA Gems and Jewellers.

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