Five Benefits of Iolite
Iolite is believed to be one of the precious stones that are really popular and in the call for its different types of properties. It exhibits various colours when you view it from different angles. Iolite gemstone is worn as a substitute for Blue Sapphire but is not to be jumbled with the same. Iolite, or Neeli, is a really distinct, powerful, extremely elegant, beautiful and stunning stone.

Along with the close association of the Iolite stone with spirituality, the crystals are a miracle when it comes to healing and mental health and overall well-being. It improves our thinking process and mental establishment. This indirectly affects our social image and also helps us to get rid of headaches and migraines by increasing the performance of the brain and reducing the issues that trigger stress. It promotes the wearer’s self-esteem, self-confidence and willpower.

The stone is procurable in several places but it is believed that the stone available in Brazil as a unique power to enhance the imagination capacity of an individual. It develops your creativity skills and is very effective for writers, poets, artists and craftsmen. The Iolite or a Neeli stone can be shaped into a ring or even as a pendant and need to be combined with silver metal for good results. The Iolite finished rings are advised to be worn on the middle finger of the right hand on favourable on a Saturday evening before sunset.

There are several benefits of Iolite gemstone but five significant benefits are highlighted below:

Healing Properties of Iolite

  • The incredible iolite is credited to care the liver, regulates digestion, strengthens the nerves, boosts the growth of nails and hair, aids the people suffering from paralysis and numb limbs.
  • The Iolite stone is used effectively for handling malaria and other fevers. Iolite is also believed to heal a migraine, headaches, dizziness, and eye problems.
  • Besides, it also stimulates memory and stops nightmares, sleeplessness, and sleep disturbances. Sleep paralysis is also battled by this stone.
  • Treatment of heartburn, tummy bloating, vomiting, and other disorders related to the bowels or stomach is taken care of by this stone. If you’re inclined to a sore throat, sinus problems, respiratory system problems and the pituitary malfunctioning, you can benefit from the Iolite stone.
  • The Iolite stone helps in the treatment of varicose veins, wounds, and other skin damages.

Emotional Healer

  • Iolite connects a person to his emotions and trains inner peace and self-confidence in him. In case of difficulties, iolite helps in solving even apparently impossible problems.
  • When a person wears this incredible gemstone, he gets the feeling of calmness, serenity, optimism, confidence, courage, and positiveness.
  • Family problems and extreme issues can be handled effectively when you wear aIolite gemstone. The one who is suffering from bafflement stage of his mind and feels like an absence of motivation may wear this gemstone to boost his mind and life.

Iolite and Wealth

The Iolite is an excellent stone favouring wealth and helpful to have when you are in debt and want to get out of debt. Its energies will guide you to generate a steady income flow that will help you become financially strong and independent.

The Iolite stone attracts money and wealth in abundance by directing to the right course of opportunities and achieve all your financial goals.

Iolite for Love and Relationship

When it comes to love and relationships, the Iolite stone can do wonders in curing old emotional wounds. The iolite stone is very powerful in releasing any stress or anxiety within you and replaces it with peace, love, and understanding.

The Iolite stone brings synchronization between yourself and your partner and helps you with peace, love, and happiness that you pursue.

Iolite, The Protector Stone

Iolite is well known for its effects on safeguarding and protecting nature to travellers. This stone can also be taken during travels for the safe return to home. Also, people prefer gifting this stone as a send-off gift to their loved ones to wish safety and positivity in their lives.

Wish your loved ones a good luck for his future, and also supplement your wishes with a beautiful Iolite gemstone as a farewell gift as Iolite stones are believed to be an excellent source of energy which offers several positive influences to the wearer.