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Gem of Saturn

Five Benefits of Blue Sapphire

Among all the astrological gemstones, the Blue Sapphire is the strongest and the fastest acting gemstones. For many people, it shows effects promptly by way of gain in wealth, resolution to a problem or financial gain. Blue Sapphire is a standout among the most capable and quick acting gemstones, which can fetch enormous profits to the local, one of these being countless wellbeing.

Blue sapphire is a very powerful stone, which is known to show swift impacts.  The gemstone has the remedial forces and capacities to fight a wide exhibit of diseases and well-being conditions. Blue sapphire, also called Neelam, is the gemstone of the secretive planet Saturn or Shani. As Blue sapphire is connected with Saturn, the planet supervises the brain of the local. Accordingly, wearing this gemstone has a fixing impact on the brain. It sustains the brain and re-establishes mental peace. Furthermore, it encourages mental improvement by getting out the negative daydreams or the mental disarray, which appears to mist the soul of the local with blankness.

Thus, blue sapphire gives thought clarity and helps the wearer to concentrate in a remarkable way. It is known to enhance the memory and raise the prospects of the wearer, authorizing the stream of positive vitality in his brain.


Top Five Benefits of the Blue Sapphire

It is one of the fastest acting gemstones and the impact is felt spontaneously.  It has the ability to bless with wealth, good luck, opportunity, and career growth.


The Protector Gemstone

Neelam Stone is a highly protective gemstone.

  • It helps in protection from enemies, evil eye, curse and jealousy. It also removes negativity and unknown fears.
  • Blue sapphire is also known to get rid of the negative effects and remove all the unknown fears. So, the wearer gains self-confidence and mental stability.
  • Blue Sapphire acts as a protector for the wearer against robbery, terror, accidents, and problems caused due to any natural calamity. Therefore, blue sapphire safeguards the person from all dangers.

The Finance Booster Gemstone

Blue Sapphire has a direct influence on wealth levels.

  • Having a direct impact on wealth, the Blue Sapphire stone can give a boost in finances. It complements the wearer’s income with additional and several sources of income.
  • As a result, blue sapphire can be depended on for accomplishing financial stability in home and business.

Stone for Mental Peace and Clarity

It has excellent healing abilities to relieve the senses and blesses with calmness and mental balance.

  • Blue Sapphire favours mental clarity, solves confusion and blesses the individual with the correct decision-making abilities.
  • Therefore, the individual wearing a blue sapphire can take the right decisions even amidst various confusions surrounding the situation.
  • This gemstone also helps in improving focus and concentration. Hence, students and professionals working in an academic environment can massively benefit from blue sapphire.
  • One can avoid depression, stress and anxiety related symptoms by wearing blue sapphire.
  • People who are spiritually motivated can derive immense benefits from the Blue Sapphire gemstone. The blue stone improves meditation, helps in self-analysis, and self-realization.


Stone for Fame and creativity

It gives names, fame and a formidable reputation.

  • Blue sapphire blesses the wearer with name, fame, fortune, and money. The individual can attain a glorious position in the society. Therefore, this blue sapphire stone is useful for politicians and people depending on public support.
  • This stone builds imagination and creative proficiency. Therefore, the wearer can accomplish in arts, architecture, literature, journalism and other professions demanding creativity.
  • Surgeons, astrologers, doctors, scientists, writers, mechanical engineers can benefit greatly by using the Neelam stone. Blue sapphire helps them enhance their skills and knowledge and handle some critical challenges with ease.
  • People working in fields involving creativity like direction, photography, dance, drama, and martial arts can benefit greatly from the Blue Sapphire gemstone.


Gemstone for Health

  • Wearing the Blue Sapphire supports indigestion too. It also helps prevent several stomach related sicknesses in the individuals. It improves digestion, takes away tiredness and helps improve focus and concentration.
  • Since Saturn guides the nervous system, the Blue Sapphire gemstone helps in handling nerve-related problems, neurological disorders etc

Precautions to take

Even though Blue sapphire is a fabulous gemstone, it is always recommended to buy blue sapphire stone from a qualified and experienced astro-gemologist. It is highly advised to try and test a blue sapphire gemstone to discover whether it is suitable for you or not.