Choose the right birthstone that suits you

Gem of Moon

Benefits of Pearl gemstone:

Pearl is naturally available in the seas and oceanic deeps. It is the Gemstone connected with the Moon and is an iridescent and lustrous gemstone of astrological benefits. It is otherwise called as Moti has got very significant place in Vedic astrology symbolical to the moon and its effects on the individual in accordance to its place in the astral birth cart. It is a great at cooling and pacifies the negative effect on individual having a misplaced Moon in the Janam Kundli. If moon is in its good position wearing a pearl will only enhance the good that will happen to the individuals. Moon is the giver of the qualities like stability of the mind and good communication skills and moon also signifies the level of one’s achievements, Peace and prosperity. Everyone needs these all qualities for a successful bid to life lead with tranquility and success in all the endeavors’.

Pearl helps sober and ease the effects of moon and enhance its power and bestows the wearer with the natural qualities of the moon like purity, wisdom, wealth and integrity. Moon holds to him the best of the qualities required for smooth and successful life, which is only possible when there is clarity in thinking and quality in executing what one has been planning but not working them out with balance. For things to happen Pearl makes the individual capable enough to take timely decisions and keep working till the goal is reached. It is the white pearl that has all these winning qualities which are needed for a single minded focused approach. It brings out the work deliverables and gives the right mix of attitude, persistence and the strength to not give up in middle. This is the quality on demand.

Natural Pearls look great on women giving them an angelic charm and beauty quite never expected in the most simplest and adorable way. Pearls give the glow and let them simmer with exuberance of vitality. Peal is so special to the Husband and wife by strengthening the bond and love they share and make them enjoy the marital bliss to the fullest. It is a perfect gift to a woman and choicest gift to give to special couple celebrating their marriage anniversary. It’s is one of the best gem to gift to your loved one’s on the Valentine day.

Pearls also have incredible effects on the health and well being of the individual curbing his nervousness inconsistent thought and action. Pearl brings the softness and calm tranquility by soothing the individual dual mindedness and uneven thought process giving him the conventional qualities of the stable and pleasing moon. Pearl improves the confidence and creates a positive mindset on the wearer and helps control the anger and short temperament which are now easy to leave and work further to strengthen their relations and rapport with the superiors. It cures insomnia and decreases the discomfort during sleep by calming the stressed nerves. It works on the plane of heart and brain exuding hope and bringing positivity in thought process of the wearer. It can help health by reducing throat and cold related ailments

Pearl can give the wearer the name fame and recognition won through endurance and being patently sticking to one’s duties and purpose in life. It can be worn by any one as by choice, but it is advisable to know the period during which it can be used to harness the positive effects based on the astrological reading. To know more you can always consult experienced gemologists who have Horoscope analysts like Dr.Nisar Hussain of AiA gems and jewelers. Or can contact them at  24/7  to get expected results.