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Gem of Ketu

Benefits of Cat’s Eye or Cymophane

Cats eye is one of the Chrysoberyl family is one of the most precious gem stones available on our planet earth. Cats eye is also called the vaidurya is one of the nine nirvanas, it has got immense properties to balance life’s toughest times and improve one’s luck. It has the healing properties towards ketu graha and it can revitalize one’s energy levels and can improve health upon wearing it. It has got the special properties like improving your luck quotient and winning you through speculations and risky situations. It cuts off the risks and brings the adventurous and sportive side of you to the fore. It dose good by recovering losses and reversing the effects of poorly placed ketu showing negative effects on the current astral positions of the friendly grahas.

It has this tremendous property of recovery, revitalizing and balancing off the negative effects of ketu graha and putting one into the orbit of luck and prosperity there on. It makes you more inclined towards the spiritual dimension and helps you absorb more positive energy and blessings from the higher cosmos. It opens up your doors toward the God and makes you more devotional and abiding to the rules of the nature and God himself. Pleasing god in one way and removing the stress and difficulty of the hurdles faced by you in this outer world. Cats eye has the property to protect you from the evil and can give you psychic protection by immersing you in the cosmic energy. It is a powerful talisman when worn in metal to improve one’s memory and channelize one’s energy and ill-fate to betterment.

Cats eye can give relief from chronic illnesses and pain and give positive results from ketu graha which is known for its power of healing and reviving one’s life. It can benefit people who have kaala-chakra dosha and pitru dosha or the paternal effects on one’s life. It improves your decision making skills and shows quick results once worn as a ring or pendant. It has a soothing effect on the present situations bringing down the ill effects of ketu graha which governs ones past karmas and the effects of it on the present life. It makes you more sociable and interactive with people and helps your relationships in personal front as well as in business.

It is suggestible to wear any gem to people running through a bad patch but to harness their full potential and gain its soothing effects it is good only to wear it on thorough analysis of the horoscope and the advice of the experienced gemologist and stargazer from AiA Gemstones. It’s a one step solution for all your horoscope predictions and gemology needs with deep analysis and gem stone suggestion. I would recommend to you for pure and natural gemstones for best results.