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Dur e najaf Gemstone

The Dur-E-Najaf Gemstone, also known as the water stone derives its power from its ruling planet of the planet of the Sun. It is colorless, hence named after water And attracts a balance of all seven colours just like water does. Due to this attraction of all seven Colors, your body, emotions and mind are said to be made stable by this stone and every aspect that leads to your well-being overall increases. It brings energy, happiness, balance and grace into your life. Anyone can wear this Dur e najaf gemstone to bring peace into their life regardless of any aspect. It can help you with recalling old memories, building energy and stamina to live a healthy life. It enhances the creative and analytical aspect of one’s life and makes the wearer graceful and witty. Buy the extraordinary Dur-E-Najaf Gemstone, Water stone at AIA Gems and Jewellers to heal your body and mind.

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