Citireni Gem

The Citrine gemstone, also known as Citrine derives its powers from its ruling planet of Jupiter. It is a translucent yellow colour to our eye and is preferred to be set in gold or panchdhatu to be worn as jewellery. This gems colours vary from Lemon yellow, gold, orange brown, yellowish- green. It is impeccable to find a citrine stone that is in its natural form and hence is very valued by those who can find it. It is a gem that is known to clear your aura and thoughts and give you well being as a whole. It’s is known that negativity or depression in the mind brings about an unbalanced life; the citrine gemstone induces positive feelings in the wearer’s mind as well as their life. AIA Gems and Jewellers are one of the very few sources where you can buy citrine gemstone online.


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