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Amethyst Quartz Gemstone

The amethyst gemstone, also known as Jamunia and Kathela derives its power’s from its ruling planet of Saturn. It can differ from purple to violet and is to be worn with silver or platinum. In the early days, amethyst was used to prevent drunkenness or intoxication. Now, Jamunia is highly beneficial for scientists and mathematicians and researchers. It helps one keep a calm mind and helps them to have full concentration on whatever they want so it is perfect for studying and meditation. The Amethyst Quartz Gemstone also signifies true love and faithfulness and can help immensely if presented to your loved one to maintain healthy relationships between a couple. Amethyst converts the negative energies into the positive ones and protects the wearer from Psychic attacks. Buy Amethyst Quartz Gemstone online at AIA Gems and Jewellers.

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