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Agate Gemstone

The Agate gemstone comes from the family of quartz stones of chalcedony; it derives its power from its ruling planet of the moon. Agate Gemstone comes in Colors of White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray, Black, Banded, and Multicolored. It brings about stability in the wearer’s life and helps them differentiate between real friends and fake people that try to misuse them. In addition, agate can generate and provide one with great wealth, luck, abundance, courage, love, protection and security. Coughs, throat and dental diseases can be cured with the healing powers of Agate Gemstone. It also improves dehydration, skin conditions and hearing. Those in the field of accounting, marketing and banking can highly profit from wearing an agate stone. Buy Agate Gemstone online from AIA Gems and Jewellers and experience the power stone.

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