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About Us

DR.NISAR HUSSAIN famous gemologist has guided thousands of people to choose the right gemstone.

DR.NISAR loves to spread awareness in fields of health, wealth and happiness In the lives of people for last 25 years .He is famous for his simple ,Practical and efficient remedies with gemstones.

With his vast experience thousands have been cured and prospered in life .His passion lies in solving any kind of problem of the people. Be it financial, professional, business, husband and wife, children etc.

Having a thorough knowledge about gemology, numerology, astrology and other occult sciences, the guides and help them, to change life through the power of gems.

With 25 years of experience in the field of gemology, Dr. Nisar Hussain created AIA Gems and Jewellers – a well-established gems and Jewellers in India that not only cater nationally but also globally. We strive to be an internationally recognized gemstone dealer that educates people globally about the adverse and vast effects of gemstones and their powers.

Our business encompasses all areas of manufacturing and dealing with gemstones that include procuring and selling of loose stones as well as Jewelry to clients from all over the globe.

Our vast product variations and impeccable focus on quality has helped us create a benchmark in the gemstone industry, making us a preferred gemstone supplier and establishing us as a well-known brand today. AIA Gems and Jewellers bind research & development, design, marketing, sales and customer satisfaction to give you a truly one of a kind life changing experience.


AIA Gems and Jewellers vision is to bring the power of gems along with planetary gemology to people worldwide. Our vision consists in creating a strong global client base which makes us the leading provider in gem therapy and its solutions. Our vision also includes imparting knowledge of Vedic planetary science and gemology in every individual and creating a newfound awareness about how a gem can be useful even in the field of medicine and health.


Our mission comprises of:

  1. Ensuring quality products of the finest craftsmanship. Natural rare stones that you can cherish forever.
  2. Transparent and trustworthy dealings with customers and potential partners and investors
  3. Open transactions that guarantee a true, rare gem of your choice and nothing else.
  4. Providing excellent consultation, recommendation and selecting services to customers.
  5. A spirit to continue association with leading bodies in the gem industry.
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